Pelican Flip Flop by Arubiano. Photographed at Aruba's coast behind the Lighthouse.

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This is the Pelican flip flop, 1 of the 7 happy flip flops, inspired by Aruba’s flora & fauna.

The new culture

Trending footwear… flip flops are a “the” it stylish beach wear for women, men and children. With an attractive variety of designs and colors, ARUBIANO is a must when wearing a sarong or just lounging around in short…. a universally fun footwear especially to the beach, when going boating, surfing, kiting, around the pool and other outdoor leisure, casual indoors activities…even clubbing and bar-hopping!

Free your style

Live, work and play! The freedom of flip flops at your feet. ARUBIANO flip flops are available at all resort shops, hotel area beach and souvenir shops, walkside kiosks, retail stores, shopping malls and at the airport. They make great and affordable gifts for loved ones who did not get to vacay on our island, and flip flops are the nicest reminders of summer travel with comfort and durability…very affordable and easy to wear. ARUBIANO flip flops are an extension of who we are and what we stand for. We live, work and play while having the freedom of our own lifestyle…


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  • Tropical Market (Marriot)
  • Tropical Breeze (Hilton)
  • Tradewinds (RIU)
  • Costa Linda Beach Resort
  • OceanZ Boutique Hotel
  • I love Aruba store
  • Citgo Palm Beach
  • De Palm Tours (Barcelo)
  • Atlantis Submarine
  • De Palm Island
  • Captain Cook’s (Renaissance)
  • San Marina (Palm Beach Plaza)
  • CASA (superfood)
  • Natural Bridge
  • Toys 4 US
  • De Wit /Van Drop (Aruba Airport)
  • Botica Paradera
  • Trash by Ronchi
  • Vice Versa
  • The Beach Store
  • Koquetas
  • Le Boutique
  • Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant
  • Sunset Shack

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