Shoco grocery bag.

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One size


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Product Info

Shoco Blanco ECO friendly, recycled and reusable grocery bag. 1 of the 8 bags, inspired by Aruba’s flora & fauna.

ARUBIANO Local Brand represents Arubian nature and culture in a beautiful line of ECO friendly, recycled and reusable grocery bags printed with the our arubian nature, landscapes, bird- and wildlife designs.

Designs inspired by the breath taking images of our international recognized wildlife photographer Damilice Mansur – an arubian of true passion.

ARUBIANO Designs are made with the intention of creating an authentic product accentuating the islands’s ‘flora and fauna’. This also meets the needs of tourist looking for an authentic and memorable product to bring back home, which is only offered by Arubiano local brand.


Find out where our products are located.

  • Tropical Market (Marriot)
  • Tropical Breeze (Hilton)
  • Tradewinds (RIU)
  • Costa Linda Beach Resort
  • OceanZ Boutique Hotel
  • Citgo Palm Beach
  • Captain Cook’s (Renaissance)
  • San Marina (Palm Beach Plaza)
  • CASA (superfood)
  • Natural Bridge
  • Toys 4 US
  • De Wit /Van Drop (Aruba Airport)
  • Botica Paradera
  • Trash by Ronchi
  • Vice Versa
  • Chengs Supermarket
  • Noord Supermarket

Find out how we are helping aruba’s flora and fauna with your help.